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Hello! It's been a while hasn't it? I've been banned from the computer for bad grades to say hi. I just got a haircut so now I look like Ivy from lackadaisy.

I just finished one of the better manga I've read recently, called onani master kurosawa. It along with itoshi no kana and nozoki ana (I sure hope I'm spelling that right) are a particular kind of manga. They start off completely perverse, then they transform into something wonderful.

There is never enough shelf space in the world, right? I have an almost entire bookshelf filled with manga. I now have just about 200 manga. I am absolutely the most obsessed person I know. There are some manga fans at my school, and I wouldn't be surprised if I heard Ms. Dodge had picked up a volume, but none like me. They all stick to completely mainstream manga. I read everything. From sundome to kodomo no jikan to gravitation (which I now own 4 volumes of). Name any genre you can think of I've read it.

I think about the difference between me and normal people a lot. I am a fairly introverted person. I like books more than people. My true joys are collecting books and drawing. Which is annoying because something I really want right now is a girlfriend. My school doesn't have any lesbians I want to date though.

This was long wasn't it? Sweet dreams.

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Glad you liked my drawing! Thanks for your visit ^-^
TsukiNoMilkshake Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Thanks for the fave! I see you've got good taste w

There is no difference between you and normal people; there is no such a thing as "normal people" ;)
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Thank you for the fave on Hardback Textbooks :D
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No thanks nessecary. It made me laugh.
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Thank you very much for the fave!! :dummy: I'm glad you like it!

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Thanks so much for the support! Sorry for the late reply :(

Have a llama :D
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Happy birthday~ <3
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Thanks. It has been a very good day. Say, can you spare some guy advice? and anime references?
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